Why OneNote? A Clutter-Free Mind

This world is complicated and there is a seemingly endless list of things on our to do list both at work and at home.

I use OneNote for one major reason… to keep track of everything I need to do, remember or recall so that I can clear the clutter from my mind.  It simplifies this complex world we live in and helps make every day more productive.

The importance of OneNote in my daily life has never been more apparent than during my current move from one state to another.  This move is taking us almost one year to complete since we will be working from both states for a few months, and since we have multiple semi-load of stuff to move.

OneNote is invaluable in keeping track of every aspect of this move – from switching and adding utilities, to dissolving and creating businesses.

I rely heavily on Checklists, Forms and Templates to help me organize my life. 

You can learn about using these tools and much more by joining the 2017 Learn OneNote Conference.  The online conference is free from November 7 through 13th, 2017.   You can sign up for the conference at https://learnonconference.com/.

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