Let’s Talk What to Do With OneNote and How to Do It Best

The greatest thing about OneNote can ironically be your downfall when you implement using OneNote in your life or work. What is this great thing? It is the ability for OneNote to wear so many different hats, expand to so many different needs, and be the blank canvas with which to plan, organize and do virtually any ambition you have before you in personal, business and education settings.

With all the freedom, where do you start? What are best practices? How should you most strategically use OneNote?

Answering the first question is relatively straightforward with good learning resources put together by Microsoft here at https://support.office.com/en-us/onenote.

But answering the other two questions, what are best practices and how should you most strategically use OneNote, are likely the reason you are on this site. It can be tricky and there isn’t always a one size fits all solution.

Answering these what and how questions have been the focus of my OneNote journey over the past five years and more publicly over the past 30 months via efforts such as the Learn OneNote Conference . Sandy Morgan, owner of this blog, shared some of her what and how answers to OneNote in 2016 and 2017. Visiting her website, Heart of OneNote – OneNote Made Simple, she continues to push the boundaries in the public forum with discussions of extending OneNote with tools like Onetastic and Gem. She is an example I follow on my blog.

In a new effort coined #takenotechat, my teammate in the effort, Michele Christensen, owner of the OneNote Bullet Journal Facebook group, candidly discusses a OneNote topic each month and answers your questions live.

The first session happened in February with around 50 people joining live, which is great! You can watch the video below, which has since had over 600 people watch the recording.

The next #takenotechat will be March 20th at 1:30 PM PST, and we’ll be talking OneNote and Outlook. The best thing to do is subscribe to Michele’s YouTube channel so you get updates when we go live, or be on the lookout for our emails here with joining details.

View the #takenotechat live or view the recording here.

Feel free to join us or check out the recording. If you subscribe to Michele Christensen’s YouTube channel you’ll be notified of upcoming #takenotechats.

Add your voice to the discussions and help us all figure out what to do with OneNote and how to do it the best way possible.

Jared DeCamp

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