OneNote is truly an amazing, free (paid versions available also) multi-purpose and powerful application that can not only help you organize your business, your school and your life, but by doing so OneNote also:


  • eliminates the frustration of not being able to find something

  • saves time through collaboration (better than back and forth emails)

  • provides an easy way to sort and record all those thoughts that run through your head

  • helps you create and utilize easy systems for processes and procedures

  • works great with Outlook, Excel and Word - simple integration

  • clips pages from the internet including source information 

Training Videos - Learning OneNote

Here is a list of the Learning OneNote videos. To view the videos, go the Video Library,  scroll through the video thumbnails, then click on the video you want to watch.

Video 1: What OneNote Can Be Used For

Video 2: OneNote Layout, version information, creating and organizing notebooks, sections and pages

Video 3: The File Tab including opening, new notebooks, sharing, sending, printing and help for OneNote

Video 4: The Home Tab including the clipboard, basic text, styles, tags and Outlook functions

Video 5: The Insert Tab including inserting space, tables, images, links, files, recordings, search, time stamps, symbols and calculators

Video 6: The Share Tab including differences between 2010 and 2013, password protection, emailing, restoring, tracking changes

Video 7: The Draw Tab including selecting and typing, inserting shapes, editing drawing features, and converting text types

Video 8: The Review Tab including spellcheck, word and definition research, language and translations, and linked notes

Video 9: The View Tab including notebook views, authors, page setup with colors, lines, titles, zoom and window review options

Video Library

Prospect and Client Management using OneNote

The Ultimate OneNote Organizer

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